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Distinctive Design Construction is a fully licensed and insured marine construction company which specializes in docks, boat houses, boat hoists, bulkheads, marine pile driving, and more. With our experienced crew and proper equipment, we can make your waterfront living a lot more enjoyable for many years to come. We pride ourselves in maintaining 100% customer satisfaction.


A dock extends your property while allowing easy boat access. It is a place to relax and enjoy the great fishing in the area. Our docks are built with bolted supports and the highest quality of lumber available.

Boat Houses

Instead of spending time and money towing your boat to a launch again and again, you can have instant use right in your backyard. Built to last, our boathouses can accommodate any size boat. Adding a roof is a great way to shield your boat from mother nature.

Boat Hoists

No matter the size of your watercraft, it is a true investment. A boat hoist is the best way to protect that investment from deterioration caused by leaving it in the water while not in use. The salinity in the water here causes barnacles and algae to grow on the bottom of the boat. This decreases the value and causes damage to the gel coat. Keep maintenance costs down and the resell value up by storing your watercraft in a boat hoist.


Erosion is a growing threat in our area. A bulkhead prevents land from being carried off into the water. A bulkhead will also help level off your property by getting rid of slopes leading to the water. All of our bulkheads are built to last and are anchored down with quality materials, tie-back rods, and treated lumber.

Marine Pile Driving

If you only need pilings, or you plan on building the structure yourself, we have the right equipment for the job. We ensure every piling is driven to refusal. This guarantees no piling will ever sink past the point it was driven.

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